Yoga/Power yoga


Yoga/Power yoga


  • This package is made to focus on improving your breathing, through simple techniques
  • This plan mainly focus on your body, mind & most Important your soul
  • Through this package, your body flexibility will improve
  • You will learn several mind training yoga techniques
  • You will learn Prayer Vyayama Asana, Pranayama through this plan.
  • Complete removal of toxins and excessive pressure will be done in this plan
  • You will be able to achieve the proper shape of the body
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The purpose of yoga is to build strength, in awareness, and harmony in both the mind and body,” through this package you will be able to Conquer your body, mind, and most importantly your Foul. This plan will focus on improving your IS breathing process.

Our yoga trainer will first analyze your body first and then he/she will teach you yoga asanas according to your body.

Through this, you will learn prayers, vyayama, Asana, and pranayama that will ultimately improve your body flexibility, improves your mental health, remove toxins, and excessive pressure from your body and mind. You will feel proper relaxation and soothing effect through this plan.

There is a slight difference between yoga and power yoga, our trainer will first make you comfortable with yoga, and then he/she shift towards power yoga as per your demand in this package

Online training will be given through zoom/google meet or any other video conferencing app.

what you will learn in zoom training?

There will be a 45 minutes session/class which will proceed in the following format

1. Starting prayer
2. Vyayam (whole body joints exercise from head to toe)
3. Asana (particular pose for a specific cause and control on breathing)
4. pranayama (Nadi shodhana, kumbakha, Kapal Bhati, etc)
5. Ending prayer

variations in a package

You can choose from a 1-month(12-sessions) pack to a 3-month(36-sessions) pack according to your requirement. There is also an option to add a diet plan with every package you choose. We will recommend you, add a diet-plan with every package you will choose, as diet plays an important part in the transformation of your body.

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4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks


Include DIET, Don't include DIET


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